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"the bloggers at Verum Serum have done a true service to the cause of honesty in public discourse" - Conn Carroll, Heritage

"One video is worth a thousand words"
- Michael Barone

"Another gem from the guys at Verum Serum"
- Ed Morrissey

"on an endless mission to expose liberal doublespeak"
- Allahpundit

"interesting, thoughtful, and well written"
- Patterico

"of course they found this; they find everything"
- Ace

"always excellent" - Dave Weigel

"Their efforts went viral and it's easy to see why" - Huff Post

"an enterprising blogger" - Roger Kimball, PJM

"a big hat tip to them" - Mark Levin

"excellent background research" - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal

"we added to Verum Serum's great idea"
- Glenn Beck

"post journalistic" - Mark Bowden, The Atlantic

VS Videos

A few of our most widely viewed clips:

Liberal Activist Compares the Border Patrol to the KKK

YouTube Preview Image

Judge Sotomayor – Court is Where Policy is Made

YouTube Preview Image

The Public Plan Deception

YouTube Preview Image

Barney Frank: What Housing Bubble?

YouTube Preview Image

Robert Reich – What an Honest Candidate Would Say About Health Reform

YouTube Preview Image

Rep. Schakowsky on the Public Option

YouTube Preview Image
(Note: We posted this in May, but were forced to remove it by You Tube. Fortunately, copies exist)

Additional Clips

For a list of mentions of these clips and other stories in the press, click here.

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