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"the bloggers at Verum Serum have done a true service to the cause of honesty in public discourse" - Conn Carroll, Heritage

"One video is worth a thousand words"
- Michael Barone

"Another gem from the guys at Verum Serum"
- Ed Morrissey

"on an endless mission to expose liberal doublespeak"
- Allahpundit

"interesting, thoughtful, and well written"
- Patterico

"of course they found this; they find everything"
- Ace

"always excellent" - Dave Weigel

"Their efforts went viral and it's easy to see why" - Huff Post

"an enterprising blogger" - Roger Kimball, PJM

"a big hat tip to them" - Mark Levin

"excellent background research" - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal

"we added to Verum Serum's great idea"
- Glenn Beck

"post journalistic" - Mark Bowden, The Atlantic

VS In the Media

MSM Mentions of Various Stories

  • 07/19/06 – CBS quotes VS in reaction to a piece at The Onion
  • 10/22/08 – National Review‘s Andy McCarthy writes a piece linking our research on the Obama Ayers connection
  • 04/27/09 – Bill O’Reilly plays part of the Barney Frank video on his show, but doesn’t mention where he “found” it.
  • 06/11/09 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web highlights this post
  • 08/05/09 – Brent Bozell writes a column based on this VS post
  • 10/08/09 – VS posts audio-clip of Robert Reich admitting what he and other Democrats really believeabout health reform
    • 10/14/09 – Hannity plays the Reich clip on his show. Verum Serum is listed as the source in a chyron graphic.
    • 10/14/09 - The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web features the Reich clip
    • 10/15/09 – Gary Bauer reacts to the Reich audio
    • 10/15/09 – Robert Reich responds to the clip on his blog
    • 10/27/09 – Glenn Beck plays a portion of the Reich clip on his TV show
  • 12/29/09 – The Fox and Friends morning show features our Top 10 list of ridiculous stimulus spending
  • 01/18/10 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web highlights this post
  • 02/02/10 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web features this post in their lead story
  • 02/10/10 – The Atlantic Wire highlights this post about health reform.
  • 06/23/10 – Fox News and ABC‘s The Note report on the video clip we discovered of Steven Chu stating in 2007 that BP is going to “help save the world”. This clip was also linked on the Drudge Report.
  • 07/15/10 – Bill O’Reilly turns this post into the Talking Points Memo for his show.
  • 07/20/10 – Fox News reports on the rap song we first uncovered by Philadelphia New Black Panther Leader King Samir Shabazz.
  • 08/13/10 – The AP highlights a 2007 blog entry from Ben Quayle (aka Brock Landers) that was dug up and posted first here on VS.
  • 09/14/10 – Scott Wong at Politico does a story on this post.
  • 10/04/10 – Politico‘s Ben Smith does a post on our animated gif comparing Beck’s 8/28 to the One Nation rally.
  • 10/14/10 – CNBC runs our clip of Barney Frank talking about his support of housing policy in 2005.
  • 10/21/10 – Atlantic Wire quotes from our post reacting to the NAACP Tea Party report.
  • 10/25/10 – Investors Business Daily runs an op-ed based on this post.
  • 01/09/11 – Toby Harden of the Telegraph links to this post.
  • 01/09/11 – Politifact links to this post.
  • 01/10/11 – Writing for the Herald Sun, Andrew Bolt links to this post.
  • 01/10/11 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web mentions John by name and links to this post.
  • 05/26/11 – NY TimesCaucus blog posts the Huntsman video.
  • 05/26/11 – ABC’s The Note posts the Huntsman video.
  • 05/29/11 – Local Utah TV station KSL does a full news segment on the Huntsman video.
  • 05/31/11 – Time magazine’s Swampland blog covers the Huntsman video.
  • 06/01/11 – David Frum scolds Morgen for his Huntsman video.
  • 06/01/11 – In an appearance on Hannity, Michelle Malkin credits us for work on Weinergate.
  • 06/02/11 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web mentions Morgen by name.
  • 07/12/11 – The Week quotes John re: Palin’s Newsweek cover story.
  • 09/26/11 – The Week quotes John re: Chris Christie getting in for 2012.
  • 09/27/11 – The Washington Times publishes an editorial from Sen. Jim DeMint featuring a quote from Solyndra investor George Kaiser first posted here.
  • 10/03/11 – The Wall Street Journal quotes from our video clip of George Kaiser.
  • 10/28/11 – Morgen is a named and quoted by The Wall Street Journal
  • 11/03/11 – Washington Post gives VS gets a nod in this post on Occupy Wall Street media coverage
  • 11/16/11 – Morgen is credited in Taranto’s Best of the Web at the Wall Street Journal
  • 12/01/11 – The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Bloomberg, Politico and the Examiner all cover Morgen’s scoop about Newt Gingrich.
  • 03/06/12 – The Washington Post notes our response to Think Progress.

Talk Radio

  • 03/28/07 – Hugh Hewitt mentions this post on air and encourages readers to have a look
  • 10/21/08 – John is asked to appear on a BBC radio show
  • 10/22/08 – Rush Limbaugh mentions this post on his show
  • 04/24/09 – Mark Levin uses a VS clip of Barney Frank on his show. Unfortunately, he mispronounces the name of the blog as Vernum Serum.
  • 05/04/09 – Rush Limbaugh plays the Schakowsky clip
  • 05/26/09 – Rush Limbaugh plays the Sotomayor “court is where policy is made” video and discusses the “wise Latina” speech for the first of many times
  • 08/05/09 – Rush Limbaugh talks about our video clips as seen on the Heritage Foundation blog
  • 10/14/09 – Rush Limbaugh plays part of the Robert Reich audio
  • 10/15/09 – Mark Levin does a 15 minute segment featuring the Reich audio
  • 12/22/09 – Rush Limbaugh plays our video of Health Secretary Sebelius on abortion
  • 12/29/09 – Mark Steyn reads our Top 10 list of ridiculous stimulus spending while filling in for Rush Limbaugh
  • 03/17/10 – Mark Levin gives VS a big hat tip for the video/audio of Steny Hoyer blasting “deem and pass” (and he pronounces it right!)
  • 04/21/10 – Rush Limbaugh mentions our Bertha Lewis video
  • 05/13/10 – Mark Levin plays our video clip of Elena Kagan calling Barack Obama her “hero”.
  • 06/23/10 – Mark Levin plays our clip of Steven Chu in 2007 stating that BP is going to “help save the world”.
  • 11/05/10 – Glenn Beck plays the Bernadine Dohrn clip on his show
  • 01/27/11 – Mark Levin plays the Danny Glover clip on his show
  • 02/23/11 – Mark Levin plays part of this Jesse Jackson clip on his show
  • 05/20/11- Mark Levin plays part of this clip on his show
  • 07/12/11 – Rush Limbaugh gives Morgen and VS a shoutout for this post
  • 11/16/11 – Michael Savage highlights this video on his website

Blogs & New Media

  • 12/23/08 – Drudge snags a photo of Obama and Blagojevich first published by VS and uses it on his site
  • 09/08/09 – Salon co-founder Scott Rosenberg rebuts Mark Bowden’s article in The Atlantic about VS
  • 09/08/09 – Michael Calderone discusses The Atlantic article on his blog at Politico
  • 10/21/09 – Morgen and John co-author a guest post on the public option for
  • 03/18/10 – This piece appears as a featured article on Big (link) and Big (link)
  • 03/18/10 – Drudge links our Big Journalism piece
  • 10/17/10 – World Net Daily posts a video of Rep. Conyers first brought to light by VS here.
  • 01/28/11 – Greg Gutfeld posts a ”Gregalogue” about the Danny Glover clip posted by VS.
  • Over its history Verum Serum has been linked multiple times by: Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit, Ace of Spades, Instapundit, NRO, Hugh Hewitt, Althouse, Wizbang, Powerline and numerous other great blogs. We’ve even been linked by Media Matters, which shows we must be doing something right.

Health Care Reform

  • 04/27/09 – VS publishes a video of Rep. Schakowskyadmitting that the public option is designed to eliminate private insurance
    • 05/04/09 – Rush Limbaugh plays the VS clip on his show
    • 05/05/09 – The NY Times reports that the VS clip of Rep. Schakowsky is circulating on Capitol Hill. Coincidentally (?) Chuck Schumer announces a new, more moderate, approach on health reform
    • After garnering nearly 100K views, You Tube pulls the video of Rep. Schakowsky. Unfortunately for them, copies had been made.
    • 05/06/09 – Rep. Schakowsky appears on Fox Business to walk back the statements brought to light in our video
    • 05/12/09 – Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is questioned about Schakowsky’s comments during congressional hearing
  • 05/20/09 – VS publishes The Public Plan Deceptionvideo
    • 06/15/09 – Glenn Beck opens his show with a remake of the Public Plan Deception. He credits Verum Serum by name on the air.
    • 07/10/09 – The Wall Street Journal runs an editorial called “The Public Option Two Step” featuring quotes from multiple video clips produced by VS
    • 08/02/09 – Naked Emperor News releases a new clip titled SHOCK UNCOVERED: Obama in HIS OWN WORDS Saying His Health Care Plan Will Eliminate Private Insurance. All of the “Schock Uncovered” clips had previously appeared in our our videos (Direct comparison here). The NEN clip is linked on Drudge and receives nearly a million views. The White House responds to it directly. After pointing out by e-mail that VS had uncovered the clips, Pam at NEN adds a hat tip on the video’s description page and her home page.
    • 08/07/09 – Glenn Beck uses clips VS uncovered to refute the White House
    • 08/09/09 – Michael Barone writes his syndicated column on our Public Plan Deception video
    • 08/21/09 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web features quotes from multiple public option videos produced by VS
    • 08/24/09 – CNS News interviews Jacob Hacker by e-mail asking him to comment on the Public Plan Deception video
    • 09/03/09 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web cites public option compilation video produced by VS
    • 09/09/09 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web highlights a video of Paul Krugman produced by VS
    • 09/29/09 – Senatory Grassley highlights several VS videos in a Senate Finance Committee markup
    • 10/12/09 – Appearing on C-Span, Jacob Hacker is asked to comment on VS Public Plan Deception video
    • 10/22/09 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web highlights this post
    • 10/26/09 – Senator Cornyn quotes Jacob Hacker from the Public Plan Deception on the Senate floor
  • 10/30/09 – David Limbaugh writes a syndicated column focused on our Single Payer Bunch video
  • 11/12/09 – Senator Lieberman, in an audio interview with CNS News, says that his opposition to the public option is based on it being the “camel’s nose under the tent” for single-payer.
  • 03/17/10 – Fox News plays this Steny Hoyer “deem and pass” video
  • 10/19/10 - Stanley Kurtz book makes reference to the Schakowsky video

The Sotomayor Nomination

  • 05/03/09 – The “courts are where policy is made” video is posted here.
    • 05/05/09 – The NY Post publishes a brief article on the Sotomayor video
    • 05/05/09 – CBS News notes a delay in announcing the Supreme Court pick, in part, because of a video of Sotomayor which is adding “fuel to the fire.”
    • 05/05/09 – Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post suggest the VS video is part of an “image campaign.”
    • 05/06/09 – Mike Madden at Salon mentions the video and says it is “anonymous” even though the clip is posted under Morgen’s name.
    • 05/06/09 – CNN confirms that the White House is aware of the video.
    • 05/26/09 – A Washington Post blog mentions VS as source of Sotomayor video
    • 05/15/09 – The NY Times publishes “wise Latina” quote and also mentions the “court is where policy is made” video
    • 05/26/09 – The NY Times credits VS for Sotomayor video
    • 05/27/09 – The AP fact checks VS video clip
  • 05/05/09 – Morgen publishes excerptsfrom the “wise Latina” speech, along with commentary by himself and John.
    • 05/26/09 – White House Press Secretary Gibbs is grilled over Sotomayor’s comments
    • 05/28/09 – Dana Milbank of the Washington Post discusses the impact of “wise Latina” on the nomination.
    • 05/28/09 – Politico reports on Dems eager for the White House to respond on the “wise Latina” comment.
    • 06/01/09 – Politico notes that fans of Sotomayor are offering differing defenses of her “wise Latina” remarks.
    • 06/02/09 – MSNBC’s Brian Williams has a special called Inside the Obama Whitehouse. Williams follows the President through a typical workday. Seven minutes of the show are devoted to the White House scramble to respond to the “wise Latina” remark. Watch it as it happened here. The President and his entire Communications staff spend their day responding to the speech posted here at VS.
    • 06/02/09 – CNS News asks Howard Dean about “wise Latina.” He says he hasn’t read it, but knows it was out of context.
  • 10/01/09 – The Atlantic publishes Mark Bowden’s feature story on our role in the Sotomayor nomination.
  • 04/13/10 – A mention in this McClatchy story
  • 05/10/10 – A mention and a link in this Washington Post story, but they bungled the facts.

Van Jones

  • 09/04/09 – Morgen uncovers Van Jones efforts as music producerand posts it in the afternoon. It is picked up by numerous other blogs
    • 09/05/09 – Van Jones resigns at midnight on Saturday
    • 09/06/09 – Echoing Powerline (“Lights out for Van Jones“), CBS wonders aloud if VS’ audio clip was the last straw for Van Jones
    • 09/08/09 – Glenn Beck plays portions of the clip on his show
  • 09/08/09 – The Wall Street Journal‘s Best of the Web highlights another Van Jones quote discovered by VS

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