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The Truth About Misquoting Jesus

Misquoting JesusBart Ehrman sold a lot of copies of this book which claims to revolutionize our understanding of particular passages and even “entire books” of the New Testament. But does the book fulfill its promise? Does Ehrman give his readers the full story or only the portion that fits his thesis? Find out about some of the significant facts Bart Ehrman left out of Misquoting Jesus.

The Truth About Hitler

hitler.jpgWhere did Hitler get his moral views? Was he a Christian? An atheist? Or something in between? Examine the evidence in detail, including Hitler’s Mein Kampf and his semi-private statements recorded and assembled into a volume known as Hitler’s Table Talk. Discover what Hitler really believed about the Bible, the Church and Christianity.

The Truth About Columbine

What motivated the Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to kill their classmates and themselves on April 20, 1999? Were they completely insane? What did they believe about God? About man? Did they really target believers that day or is all of that just a myth perpetuated by gullible Christians? Hear the thoughts of the killers in their own words.

The Truth About the End of Days

rapture.jpgIs the world going to burn? Are we awaiting the rapture to escape the flames? Will some be left behind? Does the book of Revelation really describe the future? If so, is there really no point in worrying about the world and it’s problems? “Why polish brass on a sinking ship?” as J. Vernon McGee once asked. Find out what Jesus actually said about the end of days.

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