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Public Option Videos

Our video clips on the “open secret” of the public option:

  • Rep. Schakowsky – Speaking to HCAN. This is the video that changed the debate after we posted it in May. The NY Times reported it was circulating on Capitol Hill. It received over 100K views before it was pulled by You Tube. Fortunately, copies were made.
  • Russ Feingold – The public option will lead us to single-payer.
  • Paul Krugman – Public option will lead to single-payer and kill private insurance.
  • Ezra Klein – The public option is a “sneaky strategy.” This is not out of context. In fact we have found a print article from 2007 where Klein says the same thing. He just hasn’t said it lately.
  • John Gaudette – HCAN spokesman Gaudette says single-payer is “right there” in the public option. HCAN is, of course, a conglomeration of dozens of major left-wing organizations.
  • The Public Plan Deception – A compilation including Hacker, Schakowsky and Obama
  • Proof Positive – Another compilation which combines many of the above into one clip. Also includes Barney Frank and Rahm Emmanuel.
  • President Obama – In this clip he explicitly denies that the public option is a trojan-horse for single payer. So it’s not an entirely open secret. It’s open if you’re part of the club. If you’re just an American taxpayer, it’s a secret.

We have links to the full, unedited tapes of these clips. They have not been taken out of context.

Hopefully it’s clear that this is an open secret on the left. And while some of thisĀ  material has made it to the Senate floor (Senator Grassley quoted a couple of the clips) it has not made it into a major news story in the NY Times, the Post, the LA Times, etc. The WS Journal ran an editorial during the summer.

Given that it’s on video, one would think the networks would take an interest. And perhaps they would if someone there were forwarded a link. Surely this is of interest to someone in the news media.

As the House and Senate are debating this controversial provision, we’d like to see Americans informed that there is more to the public option than “choice and competition?” In fact, there is convincing evidence that the public option is designed to bring about the end of choice and competition within a decade or so.

Isn’t that a story?

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