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Video: Chevy Volt Wins European Car of the Year

This just happened today: Simply astounding. Chevy can’t sell these even with a $7,500 discount from the Federal government and things are apparently no better in Europe where this car goes by the name Opel Ampera: GM said Friday it will halt production of the Volt for five weeks starting March 19. An estimated 1,300 workers at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant will be idled until April 23. The Detroit automaker [...]

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Video: In Detroit, A Union of One

Gee, I wonder how Detroit wound up as the crumbling shell that it is.

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Video: Kirsten Powers – It’s Not About Misogyny, It’s About Politics

I posted her column on this the other day, but it’s worth revisiting: Watch the latest video at

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Mid-day Music Break: Yngwie Malmsteen – Far Beyond the Sun

A little Bach-rock on this fine Monday:

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Video: Occupy is Just Another Socialist Front Group

David Graeber is in many ways the father of OWS, on a par with Kalle Lasn. We wrote about Graeber here back when few people knew his name or contribution. At the time we noted that Graeber’s stated goal was to “smash the state and destroy capitalism.” Strangely, that never made it into the mainstream coverage of OWS. They were just protesters. No journalist on this side of the Atlantic [...]

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Ann Coulter on Breitbart’s Legacy: “It was a huge loss, but he left us with a lot.”

Nice tribute from Ann:

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Video: The Party for Socialism Wants Your Vote

No surprise that RT America would be promoting this fringe candidate who, uh, isn’t even old enough to run for President: The Party’s web page is headlined “Seize the Banks – Jobs, Health Care and Housing for All – Fight for Socialism.” Here’s an excerpt from her bio: Lindsay traveled to Cuba in 2002 with Pastors for Peace and witnessed first-hand the accomplishments of a society that is organized to [...]

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Video: Muslims Destroy WWII Grave Markers to Protest Koran Burnings

These are the graves of soldiers who fought for the Allies in WWII. They were Jews and Christians which is why there are crosses and the star of David on their grave stones. These Muslims decided to demolish them for that reason, apparently:

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Ralph McQuarrie Passed Away Saturday

CNN reports: Ralph McQuarrie, the man credited with bringing director George Lucas’ vision for “Star Wars” to the big screen, has died at the age of 82. McQuarrie’s conceptual designs were the basis for some of the trilogy’s iconic characters such as Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO. A statement on McQuarrie’s official website, posted after his death Saturday, said his influence on design will be felt forever. “There’s no [...]

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Video: Occupier Tries to Interrupt Santorum, Gets Bounced

They are not fans of other people’s free speech:

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Video: EPA Testing Water in PA for Signs of Fracking Contamination

The AP adds: Federal regulators are ramping up their oversight of the Marcellus with dual investigations in the northeastern and southwestern corners of Pennsylvania. EPA is also sampling water around Pennsylvania for its national study of the potential environmental and public health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the technique that blasts a cocktail of sand, water and chemicals deep underground to stimulate oil and gas production in shale formations [...]

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Hate Crime? Black High School students set “white boy” on fire

There’s video at the link: It happened Tuesday at the teen’s home on Quincy Avenue, just down the street from Kansas City’s East High School. The boy lives less than two blocks away from the school and was walking home when the attack happened. Melissa Coon said her son turned from the school’s stadium onto Quincy Avenue and noticed two teenagers following him. She said the teens followed her son [...]

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Video: Tornadoes Kill 37 in 5 States

The loss of life is the worst of it, but the devastation goes well beyond that: video platform video management video solutions video player

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Let’s Fight Back on the Left’s Ridiculous Birth Control Narrative

Look, Rush Limbaugh stepped in a mess but it’s a mistake to expend a lot of energy fighting on his behalf. Why? Because this isn’t about him. This is about a larger issue on which we can win if we don’t get sidetracked. So let me present two videos that show how the right should be fighting the left wing media narrative. First up is the always excellent Lee Doren. [...]

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Video: Freaky Headless Robot Can Run Like a Cheetah Up To 18mph

John on March 6, 2012 at 9:25 pm

I think I had a nightmare about one of these once.

YouTube Preview Image

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Super Tuesday Returns: Santorum Wins Oklahoma, Tennessee

John on March 6, 2012 at 7:19 pm

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the one to watch.

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Super Tuesday Returns: Gingrich Wins GA

John on March 6, 2012 at 5:25 pm

This was a must win and not much of a big surprise:

YouTube Preview Image

Santorum has apparently won Tennessee. Romney in addition to winning VA has won Vermont. Mass. should be a given.

All eyes are now on Ohio. If Santorum wins there it would be a significant boost for him.

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Video: Chaos Erupts in Massachusetts Courtroom

John on March 6, 2012 at 1:55 pm

The defendant in this case is accused of murdering his 25 year-old girlfriend. Two men, including the murdered girl’s father attacked him when he made a court appearance:

YouTube Preview Image

More on the story here.

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Does Rock Make People Racist?

John on March 6, 2012 at 12:55 pm

From the Daily Mail, one of the weirder stories of the day:

Just a few minutes of listening to mainstream rock music such as Bruce Springsteen and the White Stripes is enough to make white students focus on the interests of other whites at the expense of back people and latinos.

White students who listened to Top 40 pop – made by artists such as Gwen Stefani and Akon – were fairer towards other ethnic groups.

The researchers, who tested 138 students with different genres, say the finding shows that because rock is associated with white people, people unconsciously favour their own race after listening.

The effect was actually pretty small. Asked to distribute funding to four ethnic college campus groups (“the Centres of African American Studies, Latino American Studies, Arab American Studies, and Rural and Agricultural Studies”) rock listeners gave 35% to the nondescript Rural and Agricultural Studies group vs. MOR listeners who gave the same group just 30%.

I haven’t read the study, but I’m not sold on this quite yet. Is it possible that what is being measured here isn’t some kind of subtle in-group racism but something more like sensitivity to racial bean counting? The Rural and Agricultural Studies group sounds to me at least like it could be open to anyone of any race, whereas the other groups are race specific and therefore intentionally exclusionary. So it’s not clear to me which choice is actually more racialist in intent.

I emailed one of the authors of the study to see how they controlled for this. If she responds I’ll post it.

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Obama’s America: Million Dollar Lottery Winner Still Collecting Food Stamps

John on March 6, 2012 at 12:25 pm

There’s video from a local news station at this link, but it’s not embeddable. Basically this 24 year old won the lottery for $1 million, bought a new house, a new car and then kept using her food stamps card to shop. The local station confronted her as she was moving in to her new home:

“I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn’t, I thought maybe it was okay because I’m not working,” she said.

She said she didn’t actually get the full million, because after she took a lump sum, the total dropped down to $700,000. After taxes, it was just more than half a million, Clayton said.

Even still, Clayton said she thinks she still has a right to the $200 a month in state funds.

“I feel that it’s okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay,” she said. “I have two houses.”

Poor girl, she only has half a million dollars to pay her bills. We’re not going to begrudge her food stamps are we?

Do I think the President actually believes this is a good idea? No, I don’t. But I do believe that he and fellow Democrats have fostered a culture of dependence on the government which makes this sort of thing inevitable. They are the defenders of all the big government slush funds from Medicare and Medicaid to Social Security to Food Stamps.

If you think this might have something to do with $15 trillion dollars in debt, you’re right. Multiply this attitude of entitlement times a few tens of millions and you’ve got an unsustainable mess on your hands.

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President Once Again Using the Tone Argument to Beat Up Critics; Media Rolls Over, Plays Dead

John on March 6, 2012 at 11:53 am

The media has given the President a pass on his new tone nonsense since January of last year. In the wake of the Tucson shootings, the far left immediately dragged Sarah Palin into the argument and let the left suggest the tone of discourse was the real problem. The media did nothing to point out that the tone from the left was just as coarse. And the President capitalized on it and his poll numbers went up.

Here we go again. The President injects himself into a political controversy in a way that transparently targets Rush Limbaugh. Then when asked why his outrage seems so selective says he’s not going to comment on the politics. Really?! This is apolitical what you’re doing right now?

As Kirsten Powers proved so eloquently, this is pure politics. I don’t blame the President for doing it, that’s his job. He’s supposed to seek his own advantage (and his opponents disadvantage). No, what’s sickening is our lapdog media that once again lets a Democratic President get away with things no Republican would ever be allowed to attempt.

Who is going to ask the President whether or not Sandra Fluke’s testimony is true? She claimed $1,000 a year for contraception? Is that realistic and if not should her parents really be proud?

Who is going to ask the President how he feels about Bill Maher donating to his re-election PAC after calling Sarah Palin a “c**t?” Apparently no one who has an actual job covering the President. The President will trash Limbaugh using the narrative created for him by the far left, just as he did Palin, and no one in the media is going to say a word. Disgusting.

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Hedy Lamarr: Hollywood Hottie, Co-Inventor of Spread Spectrum Telephony

John on March 6, 2012 at 11:24 am

Proving once again that reality is stranger than fiction:

Come on, guys. Tell me you wouldn’t like to talk tech with her:

One more:

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Eight Women File Suit Against US Military

John on March 6, 2012 at 10:17 am

My presumption in most cases like this is that the women are telling the truth.

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Video: Transcanada President Says Southern Portion of Keystone Pipeline Will Begin Construction This Summer

John on March 6, 2012 at 10:10 am

He’s right that the real issue is environmental groups trying to shut down development of oil sands. This isn’t supposition, it’s fact.

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Video: Holder’s Argument is the Bush Doctrine Applied to an Individual

John on March 6, 2012 at 9:46 am

Recall the Bush Doctrine? It was a phrase coined by Charles Krauthammer to describe an approach to foreign policy in which America’s right to security allowed us more latitude in dealing with rogue nations. It eventually came to mean something like “preemptive war.” This was something the left told us was a great evil during the Bush years. One of those telling us this was Senator Barack Obama.

My, how things have changed.

Yesterday, Obama’s Attorney General spoke at a law school to explicitly defend the practice of targeted killing of US citizens abroad. I’ve skipped ahead to the point where Holder finally gets around to the real topic of the speech. You’ll still have to watch about 5-6 minutes to follow his argument. If you’re really pressed for time, skip ahead to 32:30 for the main thrust.

Here are Holder’s arguments for the killing of Awlaki (whose name he never mentions):

  1. Threat is imminent – i.e. a ticking clock scenario.
  2. Capture isn’t feasible – Again, this is partly based on the ticking clock. We don’t have time to fool around as the delay could be costly.
  3. The operation is carried out in a way that is consistent with the law of war, as follows:
  1. Necessity – Target has military value
  2. Combatants – Only lawful combatants can be targeted
  3. Proportionality – Collateral damage must be limited.
  4. Humanity – Weapons should not inflict unnecessary suffering.

In other words, this is the Bush doctrine applied to an individual. This is preemptive war against a person rather than a state.

Personally, I’m glad Awlaki is dead. He was a citizen who had declared war on his own country. And he tried several times to create a body count. Therefore I support Obama’s decision to target him as I would have it President Bush had come to the same decision.

But I find the hypocrisy of this decision coming from the President to be simply stunning. Obama came into the White House on the basis of his high-minded rejection of Bush’s War on Terror. He explicitly rejected the Bush doctrine as a reason to go to war. He rejected the use of enhanced interrogation and water-boarding, discounting the idea of a ticking clock scenario when it applied to persons engaged in conflict with the US, i.e. KSM. Now his own AG has personalized the Bush doctrine to justify the killing of US citizens.

If George W. Bush had argued for this action in this way four years ago it would have been the story of the year. What ever happened to all the outraged anti-war progressives and their media allies? They seem to have evaporated with Obama’s election. But their silence speaks volumes.

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LulzSec Leaders Rounded Up Including the Man Behind Stratfor Hacking

John on March 6, 2012 at 8:21 am

LulzSec is a criminal hacking group described as an offshoot of Anonymous. Turns out that the FBI had caught their leader several months ago and, with his participation, has now rounded up the rest of his crew:

“They caught him and he was secretly arrested and now works for the FBI,” a source close to Sabu told

Monsegur pleaded guilty Aug. 15 to 12 hacking-related charges and information documenting his admissions is expected to be unsealed in Southern District Court on Tuesday.

As a result of Monsegur’s cooperation, which was confirmed by numerous senior-level officials, the remaining top-ranking members of LulzSec were arrested or hit with additional charges Tuesday morning. The five charged in the LulzSec conspiracy indictment expected to be unsealed were identified by sources as: Ryan Ackroyd, aka “Kayla” and Jake Davis, aka “Topiary,” both of London; Darren Martyn, aka “pwnsauce” and Donncha O’Cearrbhail, aka “palladium,” both of Ireland; and Jeremy Hammond aka “Anarchaos,” of Chicago.

Hammond was arrested on access device fraud and hacking charges and is believed to have been the main person behind the devastating December hack on U.S. security company Stratfor.

You better believe Julian Assange is plenty nervous this morning. If Jeremy Hammond implicates him in the Stratfor theft, he’s in deep trouble.

Also, a left wing “reporter” named Barrett Brown (who recently celebrated the death of Andrew Breitbart on Twitter) says his apartment was raided this am:

My apartment was raided this morning by the FBI. Feds also came to another residence where I actually was. Sabu is a traitor. #Anonymous

Looks like Sabu is a little smarter than Barrett Brown and doesn’t enjoy the idea of a long prison sentence.

[Hat tip to Nickarama for making my morning with this story]

Update: The NY Post has the indictment of Sabu. He is charged with hacking Fox, PBS, Sony and the US Senate. He’s also being charged with stealing identities for the purposes of stealing people’s money from their bank accounts. This guy is going away for a very long time I think.

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Think Progress’ New Attack on Ann Romney

John on March 5, 2012 at 3:40 pm

I heard this interview live in the car about an hour ago. The moment I heard Ann Romney utter this line I knew it would be the subject of blogs posts on the left. Think Progess does not disappoint:

YouTube Preview Image

They’ve trimmed this down to the bare minimum. It was actually part of a longer statement in which Mrs. Romney was talking about dealing with multiple sclerosis and how it has given her a heart for everyone who suffers. She went on to say that what she considers her wealth in life is her friends and loved ones. Here’s the full clip. The line above comes at about 5:15:

But of course Think Progress doesn’t want you to know any of that context. So predictable. So pathetic.

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Five Essential Leadership Lessons from Captain James T. Kirk

Scott on March 5, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Have you ever been faced with a situation and asked yourself, “Self, what would Capt Kirk do in this situation?”   NO?  Well, maybe you should, cuz it turns out that the good captain might have some things to contribute to the discussion on the qualities of a good leader.

It turns out that Forbes has a great write-up on five leadership lessons to be learned from one of the best leaders of the known universe:  Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the starship Enterprise:

1.  Never Stop Learning

2.  Have Advisors with Different Worldviews

3.  Be Part of the Away Team

4.  Play Poker Not Chess

5.  Blow Up the Enterprise

Hmmm…I wonder if you could apply these to qualities of a good president?

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