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Messages (that I wrote)

I thought a list would be helpful in summarizing the facts. Here are the ones I wrote with some of the extra-Biblical sources I used:

The Story Behind the Stories (The first message I wrote was part of a series called Reasons to Believe. It focused on the common spiritual themes of films and stories. These ideas later became their own series, A Christian Reads the Newspaper) – 2003?

The Good We Do - A response to the idea that Christianity does “more harm than good.”

  1. The Good We Do – 01/16/05
  2. Charity – 01/23/05
  3. Missions (I wrote a draft of this for one of our missionaries) – 01/30/05
  4. Health Care – 02/06/05
  5. Children – 02/15/05
  6. Government (written and delivered by the Worship Pastor) – 02/20/05
  7. Justice – 02/27/05
  8. Women – 03/06/05

Sources: Under the Influence by Alvin Schmidt, For the Glory of God by Rodney Stark

A Christian Reads the Newspaper - Finding God behind everything.

  1. The Front Page – 09/11/05
  2. The Business Page – 09/18/05
  3. The Sports Page (the worship pastor helped me identify great moments in sports history) – 09/25/05
  4. The Style Page – 10/02/05
  5. The Comics Page – 10/09/05
  6. The Opinion Page – 10/16/05

Sources: A Matrix of Meanings by Detweiler and Talyor, The Morality of Laughter by F.H. Buckley

Music of the Night (A stand-alone message for Halloween) – 10/30/05

Sources: Monsters from the Id by E. Michael Jones

Jesus in Context – A presentation of the historical events which inform the meaning of Jesus’ teachings.

  1. Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up (written and delivered by the worship pastor) – 03/05/06
  2. Torah (written and delivered by the worship pastor) – 03/12/06
  3. Yoke (written and delivered by the worship pastor) – 03/19/06
  4. Kingdom of Herod – 03/26/06
  5. Kingdom of Jesus – 04/02/06
  6. Kingdoms Collide – 04/09/06

Sources: The Challenge of Jesus by NT Wright and select Christmas messages from 2005 by Rob Bell.

DaVinci Decoded - A response to the film.

  1. Secret Revealed – 05/21/06
  2. Jesus Gets Updated – 05/28/06
  3. Sacred Union (written and delivered by the worship pastor) – 06/04/06
  4. Conspiracy Theory – 06/11/06

Sources: Breaking the DaVinci Code by Darrell Bock, Science, Politics and Gnosticism by Eric Vogelin

On Mars Hill - An examination of evangelism in light of Paul’s example in Acts 17 (Note: The worship pastor delivered both of these. I wrote the draft of one of them but don’t remember which one)

  1. Mars Hill 1.0 – 08/27/06
  2. Mars Hill 2.0 – 09/03/06

Cars – Spiritual formation through the lens of the American love of cars. (Note: I’ve posted my complete draft of the second message in this series with the audio as it was delivered for comparison purposes.)

  1. The Open Road – 09/10/06
  2. The Need for Speed – 09/17/06
  3. Road Rage – 09/24/06
  4. Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel (written and delivered by the worship pastor)- 10/01/06
  5. Pimp My Ride – 10/08/06
  6. The Lonely Road – 10/16/06

Christmas Stories (I didn’t write the message itself but I met with each guest speaker and wrote out their part of the message for them) – 12/17/2006

4K – The four thousand year story of Christian faith condensed into four weeks. A whirlwind tour of our faith. Three of these were delivered by the worship pastor, one by the youth pastor. I wrote #3 and #4 dealing with the church age.

  1. Way, Way, Way Back- 03/11/07
  2. Way, Way Back – 03/18/07
  3. Way Back – 03/25/07
  4. Back to the Future – 04/01/07

Heroes – A look at the fundamental concepts of Christian faith (salvation, sin, etc.) through the lens of Superheroes. In this case I wrote 1-3 and 6. #4 was written by the youth pastor along the general lines I recommended. I wrote an unused draft of 5. #8 was written by my co-blogger Scott.

  1. Save Me (our longing) – 04/15/07
  2. Superman (Jesus’ sacrifice) – 04/22/07
  3. Hulk (the beast within) – 04/29/07
  4. Spiderman (our responsibility) – 05/06/07
  5. Wonder Woman – 05/13/07
  6. X-Men (being different) – 05/20/07
  7. The Incredibles (family foundation) – 05/27/07
  8. Batman (forgiveness) – 06/03/07

Sources: Who Needs a Superhero? by H. Michael Brewer

Faith, Science & Origins - A look at the origin of life and how faith and science mix (got to deliver this one myself) – 08/26/07

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