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"the bloggers at Verum Serum have done a true service to the cause of honesty in public discourse" - Conn Carroll, Heritage

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- Michael Barone

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- Ed Morrissey

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- Allahpundit

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- Ace

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"Their efforts went viral and it's easy to see why" - Huff Post

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About Verum Serum

Verum Serum is a blog founded in 2005 by John Sexton and Scott Ragan. Morgen Richmond and Cindy Adams joined the team in 2008. All four of us are fortunate enough to be working and raising our families in Orange County, California (where the great beaches are).

Verum is Latin for truth, as in truth serum. [And no, we didn't get the idea from the Harry Potter novels. Veritas Serum is pretty cool stuff though.]

VS In the News – Verum Serum has garnered a significant amount of media attention from other blogs, talk radio, magazines, newspapers and television. At least three of our videos have gone from this blog to the Senate floor.

For a run down of some of the significant stories we’ve been involved in and a list of the places our work has turned up in the media click here.

How to Contact Us – For tips or feedback, simply e-mail us at: We are also now on Twitter. Follow us at:


Scott Ragan has a degree in Applied Communication from Azusa Pacific University in SoCal. He has spent the last fifteen years teaching English and the occasional classes dealing with writing, speech, drama, etc. He has also done freelance work as a writer and as a marketing and public relations consultant.  Scott enjoys reading of all sorts, writing, movies, long walks on the beach, dancing in sunlit fields of spring flowers and playing with puppies.

John Sexton has a degree in Liberal Arts from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Science and Religion from Biola University. He does freelance web design and photo restoration work, is married and has three children. John is a contributor at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism and also to Hot Air’s Green Room. For tips or feedback, you can contact John directly using


Morgen Richmond is the co-founder of a successful high-tech consulting business, and an enthusiastic, part-time blogger. He began working with John and Scott during the Presidential election in 2008, and has been blogging (not so) regularly since April 2009. His focus is primarily on politics where he strives to uncover original, newsworthy content that can impact the national discussion on key issues. His stories have now been covered throughout the conservative and mainstream media including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He is married with 2 children and lives in Orange County, CA. He has a B.S. degree in Economics from the University of Redlands. For tips or feedback, you can contact Morgen directly using

Cindy Adams holds B.A. degrees in both Social Ecology and German from the University of California Irvine, as well as Teaching Credentials from the same. After spending most of her life living in Europe and then returning to teach in So. California, she currently lives in her native beach town in Orange County, where she’s a full-time, blissfully happy wife, mother of two, and step-mother of two. She is appreciative of the fact that VS allows her to guest post whenever her full life allows.

About Our Masthead This image is a detail from a mural by Raphael titled School in Athens. The entire mural depicts more than three dozen of the ancient world’s greatest philosophers, from Anaximander to Zeno. For a view of the full image with an image map describing many of the figures, check here.


At the center of the painting are Plato and Aristotle. On the left, Plato points up indicating that truth is found in mathematics and the timeless world of perfect forms. On the right, Aristotle stands with his palm down indicating a more temporal, empirical view of the world. It’s a division that continues to this day and one of the things that makes the world such an interesting place.

Finally, if you stick around you’ll notice that Verum Serum is the work of three guys and one gal who are friends, who have a great deal in common, and yet who don’t always agree on every issue. Just one more reason this image seemed appropriate.

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