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John Nolte: “Don’t Piss on My God and Tell Me It’s Raining”

John on November 5, 2009 at 9:13 am

At Big Hollywood, John Nolte responds to this post by Patrick Goldstein of the LA Times. Nolte correctly points out that a new $150 million biopic of Mohammed — which promises not to show its main character out of respect for Muslim religious taboos — is very different from the treatment Christianity receives in Hollywood. Specifically, Nolte points out that The Passion of the Christ was rejected by every studio in Hollywood:

To hear Goldstein tell it, Hollywood studios wouldn’t go near a film “many view” as anti-Semitic [The Passion], but as we now know throwing a little urine on Christ and stereotyping Christians as falling for a drop of piss as a divine sign is perfectly okay.

To hear Goldstein tell it, Hollywood studios won’t go near a film “many view” as anti-Semitic, but this was okay. And so was this. And this. And this. And a confession. And this. And this. And

Look what I did. I listed a whole bunch of  high-profile studio films that “many view” as anti-Christian released by the very same studios who refused to release a film “many view” as anti-Semitic.

I’d list the independent films and television episodes “many view” as anti-Christian but the Internet only holds so much data.

Nolte ends with the line in my headline.

Patrick Goldstein really has a losing hand here. The last film which showed enough deference to Jesus to not show his face on film was Ben Hur, produced in 1959. Fifty years later, at a time when Islam is a spark to violence and mayhem around the world, Hollywood is going to make a respectful biopic of Mohammed.

Meanwhile, it’s difficult to keep up with the anti-Christian TV shows and films coming out. I’ve lost count of the number of times Christians have been shown to be liars and ideological murderers on Law and Order.

There is another film coming out soon which has a similar budget to the Mohammed movie, but a far less respectful view of Christianity. Agora is a $150 million costume epic which dramatizes one of Carl Sagan’s cherished grievances against Christianity, i.e. that Christians destroyed the great library in ancient Alexandria. The historical evidence for this is rather thin. According to Plutarch, much of the library was burned by Julius Caesar in an attack on the city in 48BC. What remained may have been transferred to another library. But no matter, Hollywood can still afford $150 million to slander Christians as book burners and reactionary science-haters.

That reminds me…there’s a new version of Inherit the Wind coming based on the Dover trial. Like the original, I’m sure it will be a scrupulously accurate take on events.

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