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Kim Jong Il’s Fatal Attraction

John on April 5, 2007 at 8:30 pm

rabbit1.jpgIt was a big story back in January. Media outlets such as the Boston Globe, NPR, San Fran Chronicle and Washington Post noted the efforts of German rabbit breeder Karl Smolinsky to help the starving populace of North Korea. Karl sold 12 of his prize bunnies (up to 22lbs. each) to North Korea to allow them to start a breeding program. As NPR noted at the time, Smolinsky’s aims were entirely noble:

Smolinsky says he’s not worried about helping a dictatorship. He’s thinking about hungry children.

“During Hitler’s time and afterward, I remember how hard it was on everyone,” he says. “I lived it as a child and wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I hope through the rabbits I can help a little bit, and that Korea might wake up and start caring more for its people than for the bomb.”

Well, it seems the dear leader had other plans for the big bunnies:

A German farmer who sold 12 giant rabbits to North Korea with the aim of setting up a breeding program to alleviate famine has said he was shocked to hear they were eaten at Kim Jong-il’s birthday banquet.

Karl Szmolinsky sent his oversized bunnies to Pyongyang to boost meat production. Der Spiegel reported that the 68-year-old breeder had been due to travel to North Korea to help set up the farm, but had received a telephone call last week from an official cancelling the trip.

Mr Szmolinsky told Der Spiegel that although he had no evidence, he believed his rabbits, which each weighed more than 10 kilograms, had been eaten at a banquet for the North Korean leader on February 16. “North Korea won’t be getting any more rabbits from me, they don’t even need to bother asking,” he told the magazine.

That’s the way it goes in relationships with third world dictators. It seems like a good idea at first but you always wind up with a boiled rabbit on the stove.


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