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Planned Parenthood Director Has Epiphany: Abortion is the Taking of Human Life

John on November 2, 2009 at 3:12 pm

I’m stealing this from Ed at Hot Air. The director of a Texas Planned Parenthood abortion facility has a change of heart after witnessing an ultrasound:

Planned Parenthood has been a part of Abby Johnson’s life for the past eight years; that is until last month, when Abby resigned. Johnson said she realized she wanted to leave, after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure.

“I just thought I can’t do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me and I thought that’s it,” said Jonhson.

Johnson said she was told to bring in more women who wanted abortions, something the Episcopalian church goer recently became convicted about.

She handed in her resignation October 6. Johnson worked as the Bryan Planned Parenthood Director for two years.

According to Johnson, the non-profit was struggling under the weight of a tough economy, and changing it’s business model from one that pushed prevention, to one that focused on abortion.

“It seemed like maybe that’s not what a lot of people were believing any more because that’s not where the money was. The money wasn’t in family planning, the money wasn’t in prevention, the money was in abortion and so I had a problem with that,” said Johnson.

Johnson was already a church-goer but it appears her faith had a lot to do with this sudden change of heart. You can watch her discuss it here in her own words:

Planned Parenthood has now filed a restraining order against Johnson, not to restrain her physically, but to shut her up. The order contends “Planned Parenthood would be irreparably harmed by the disclosure of certain information.” And what a shame that would be.

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