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Hitchens Act of Redemption

John on April 4, 2007 at 1:50 pm

The left has been undeniably upset with his consistent pro-Iraq war stance, but now I suspect all will be forgiven:

The heretic who attacked Mother Teresa in “Missionary Position” is at it again with “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” hitting bookstores next month.

The jeremiad, reports The Post’s Kyle Smith, is a merciless attack on every faith – dryly called “ecumenical” by its editor, Jonathan Karp, who is making it the second title in his new imprint, named 12 because it publishes only one book a month.

“Religion has retarded the development of civilization,” writes Hitchens, who calls Saint Augustine “a self-centered fantasist and an earth-centered ignoramus” and Mel Gibson “a fascist and ham actor [who] adheres to a crackpot and schismatic sect, and has stated that it is a pity that his own dear wife is going to hell because she does not accept the correct sacraments.”

There’s a bunch more like that here if you’re so inclined.

Gibson is a troubled man who has left himself open to criticism on many fronts, but Augustine? No danger in libeling the dead, I suppose, but if he were here today Augustine would be more than up to the task of defending himself against Christopher Hitchens. That’s not a slam on Hitchens, who I respect as a brilliant writer, but rather a nod to the brilliance of Augustine which still comes through some 1600 years later.

Sorry, no contest.

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