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Mirecki Whines with the Best of the Best

Scott on December 13, 2005 at 1:01 pm

REFERENCING ARTICLE: Professor Blasts K.U. and Sheriff’s Investigation

My colleague John has commented extensively and expertly on our “friend” Paul Mirecki. I had to throw my two cents in after reading about the latest chapter in the Mirecki Saga. The longer this goes on, the more amusing it becomes. I honestly don’t mean to laugh at another human being’s misfortune, but if Professor Paul Mirecki WAS indeed attacked as he claims, his response to the attack reveals far more about the man than it does about the attackers.

I nominate Professor Paul Mirecki as the Best Whiner of 2005. The latest development as detailed in the article from the online version of Kansas paper The Lawrence Journal-World titled Professor blasts KU is that Professor Mirecki has hired an attorney and is considering filing suit against Kansas University. The article reveals much about Mirecki, both in what he says and what he believes

First of all, we are told “Mirecki said he’s angry because KU didn’t back him after religious conservatives attacked him for his plan to teach a course dealing with intelligent design.”

Funny, I didn’t know that employers were required to “watch our back” as it were when we make public statements. Perhaps the University didn’t “back” the good professor because it didn’t need to. Perhaps the University administration were of the belief that, metaphorically speaking, once you make your bed, you get to sleep in it even if it’s uncomfortable.

Next, Mirecki is quoted as saying, “The University penalized me and denied me my Constitutionally protected right to speak and express my mind. I’ve become radioactive and the University’s administrators won’t support me.”

Perhaps I missed something. To claim that Kansas University penalized him would mean that the University took some sort of action against the good professor. But that is not what happened. The University allowed Professor Mirecki to speak his mind.

In regards to being denied his Constitutionally protected free speech, Professor M. openly declared his desire to teach a course that discussed Intelligent Design as mythology. He made public statements about it. In regards to the objections of religious conservatives, he made other statements that gleefully anticipated “slapping the fundies in their big, fat faces” (his words). Hasn’t he been exercising his rights to free speech for the last month or so?

And regarding the University not supporting him since he’s become “radioactive,” I believe that is also the result of freedom of expression. If people don’t like what you say, then you suffer the consequences. If Mirecki is “radioactive,” it’s ’cause he shot off his big, arrogant, self-satisfied mouth. Freedom of expression goes both ways.

Mirecki is also saying that because of this whole thing his career was ruined and that speaking engagements that he had lined up now have been canceled.

Gosh, that’s too bad! But again, welcome to the world of free speech. Mirecki has the right to speak. Others have the right to believe that he is a pompous windbag and decide they would rather NOT pay him to speak. Unless he wants people to be forced to listen to him bloviate! But then, that would infringe upon the audience’s freedoms, too, and we can’t do that!

In regards to the sheriff, Mirecki is also not pleased with the investigation because he feels he was “treated more like a criminal than a victim.”

I don’t know about a criminal, Professor Mirecki, but if your statements and claims seem odd and are difficult to verify, then the sheriff’s office is doing its job exactly like it is supposed to. Now, if you are upset because people didn’t just take your word for being attacked and then rise up against the conservative religious zealots you so obviously hate, that’s too bad. I feel for you. I really do. Perhaps next time you piss people off, you should stand in the middle of the KU quad with a sign attached reading, “I Hate Christians. I Hate Conservatives. I Know I’m Smarter Than Almost Everyone.” Beside you on the ground could be a bat that says, “National Mirecki Pinata Day.” After THAT beating, THEN maybe people would believe you.

We are told that the good professor claims that the university has done little to back him and that he was fired as department chairman because he had the “temerity to challenge the power of the religious right in Kansas and the university capitulated to demands of the conservative minority.”

Here’s a thought, perhaps he was fired as the department chair of the Religious Studies Department because he showed amazingly poor judgment throughout this whole fiasco. Perhaps he was fired because his poor judgment revealed his MASSIVE ego and his ABYSMAL understanding of the nature of discourse between science, philosophy, and religion.

Lastly, Mirecki explains, “If the University doesn’t support me, I could be in more physical danger because the University is not standing up to the religious extremists The University has a duty, as a protector of intellectual honesty and debate, to support its teaching staff when controversial issues are raised. Now those on the right are emboldened and feel they can take this a step higher.”

WOW! Now universities should pay for protection for professors who show horrible judgment and who offend large numbers of people. I guess my question is What if the University believes that a member of its teaching staff is WRONG or has done things in a manner that is OFFENSIVE. Does the University still have to pay for protection? Maybe universities around the country should establish a type of “professor protection program” where loudmouthed professors can be relocated with a new identifity.

At this point, I am SO DONE with Paul Mirecki that I am hoping, nay, I am PRAYING that he keep his big, arrogant, obnoxious, ego-centric, pompous, left-wing, liberal mouth closed for awhile.

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