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Iran Hostage Crisis Day 11 – Progress?

John on April 2, 2007 at 8:49 am

Tensions are simmering but no longer threatening to boil over:

An Iranian news agency suggested a recent shift in British policy from “clamorous … policies” had encouraged Iran not to air the confessions – another Iranian report cited “positive changes” by the Britons.

Iranian TV showed clips of all 15 sailors and marines without sound and claimed that all of them have admitted transgressing in Iranian waters. Downing Street is keeping mum, only saying “a lot was going on behind the scenes.”

There were street protests over the weekend in Iran calling for trials of all 15, but this probably represents a vocal minority of Iranians. This Guardian story recounts the reactions of ordinary Iranians on the streets of Tehran:

Maryam Ghazisaedy, 22, student

“I don’t blame the 15 sailors but I blame the British government for entering our waters, not accepting Iran’s legitimate rights and for asking things they have no right to demand”

Ali Razavi, 52

“The British are in Iraq illegally so they had no right to be in the Shatt al-Arab waterway”

Maryam Ebrahimi, 34, importer

“If they came into Iran’s waters accidentally I would like them to be released because who knows, this could be used as an excuse to attack Iran”

Hamid, 34, businessman

“They should be released. The Iranian government is misusing it to deflect attention from other problems”

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