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California Invests in Adult Stem Cell Therapies

John on October 29, 2009 at 9:06 am

From the NY Times:

In a tacit acknowledgment that the promise of human embryonic stem cells is still far in the future, California’s stem cell research program on Wednesday awarded grants intended to develop therapies using mainly other, less controversial cells.


The grants thus represent a departure from the program’s original mission. California voters approved the 10-year, $3 billion effort in 2004 largely to get around restrictions on embryonic stem cell research imposed by the administration of President George W. Bush.


[T]he grant awards are likely to bolster one argument made by opponents of embryonic stem cell work: that such cells are not needed because treatments using adult cells are closer to fruition.

The article goes on to highlight three of the four studies using embryonic stem cells. It also mentions three (out of 14) using adult stem cells. But the message of the article is clear. Adult stem cell therapies are much more promising and much more likely to provide actual cures for disease.

[HT: The Corner]

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