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New Video: The Single Payer Bunch

Morgen on October 28, 2009 at 10:30 am

I’m going to apologize at the outset to our long-time readers who by now are probably longing for the day when they no longer have to hear about Trojan horses, the public option, and Jan Schakowsky. That day is coming soon – I am a little tired of covering this issue myself. But it’s crunch time, and even now the Democratic leadership in Congress is working feverishly to get some form of the public option crammed into the final bill. And it’s not yet clear whether they will be successful.

So I produced a new video using many of the clips we have unearthed in the past, and a little bit of creative flair, to really highlight the public option double-speak on the part of the White House and other ObamaCare proponents. Watch:

YouTube Preview Image

Watching these clips, and reflecting back on the past 6 months, I still find it hard to believe that this transparent deception hasn’t even warranted a mention outside of conservative media. (And the coverage in conservative media has been considerable.) In the rest of the media, nearly without exception the issue is framed as “critics of the public option claim”…or “conservatives claim”… that it could result in a government takeover of health care.

Uh, note to the media. The people in this video are not “critics” of the public option, and they certainly aren’t conservatives. They are some of the chief promoters of the public option. As I noted in my recent post on the failure of the media, this would have been treated like Watergate had a Republican administration been implicated in peddling a deception of this magnitude on the American people.

So the debate is winding down, and there is still a good chance that Democrat infighting will kill off the public option once and for all (if not health care reform in its entirety). But given the track record of this Administration there will be more deceptions to come. More Trojan horses, and opportunities to expose them. The truth cannot be defeated, only suppressed for a time. And our work is not done.

(A BIG thanks to John for editorial guidance with the video, and for coming up with the name for this post.)

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