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Senator Cornyn Quotes VS Video on Senate Floor

John on October 28, 2009 at 9:33 am

He gave a 15 minute statement on the reasons to reject the public option. It’s one of the best summaries of the reasons Americans should avoid this plan I’ve heard.

For those who don’t have 15 minutes to spare, I’ve edited it down to 2-minutes including his quotation of Jacob Hacker from the Public Plan Deception video:

YouTube Preview Image

I’m starting to feel a tinge of hope. First it was Senator Grassley. Then yesterday we had that tremendous op-ed by Robert J. Samuelson. Now Senator Cornyn is on record. And, I heard Judd Gregg say something similar yesterday.

Is this message finally breaking through the media firewall?

Message to Conservatives on Capitol Hill: The public option is the only part of this plan that is polling well. Democrats are making the most of those numbers. But as Sen. Cornyn explained in the clip above (or as Jay Cost did in much more detail here) the strong polling is a result of people not understanding the goal behind it.

There’s an opportunity here. If you fill Americans in, support for the public option will collapse. But the media is trying very hard not to cover this story. So you have to force them to do it. Talk about it all day, every day, on every TV show possible. Eventually, the press will be forced to report on it.

If people knew the plan behind the public plan, it would be polling under 40% right now. That would change the whole ballgame. Reid and Pelosi might even be open to some positive changes, such as eliminating the restriction on interstate insurance purchases or serious tort reform.

We can still win this debate. But you have to force the media to tell people why the Democrats are enamored with the public option. Senator Cornyn’s statement this week was a good start.

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