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Death Threats at GA Tech

John on March 21, 2007 at 9:27 am

FrontPage magazine has the story of Ruth Malhotra, a GA Tech grad student who has become the focus of the left’s attention:

This past February, while other Georgia Tech students were exchanging flirtatious Valentine’s Day notes, Ruth Malhotra received an anonymous letter whose message was anything but amorous:

This Valentine’s Day, you cannot attack gay marriage. It is about love and you are about hate.

This Valentine’s Day, you cannot condemn a woman’s choice. It is about love and you are about hate.

This Valentine’ Day, you cannot protest the Vagina Monologues. It is about love and you are about hate.

No, this Valentine’s Day, you will be Raped. Sex is about love and through it you will experience hate. I cannot wait.

To find a rape threat in her mailbox was almost a relief to Malhotra after months of receiving death threats. (One of the most charitable, from a fellow student, said, “I really want to choke you, bitch.”) As with all the other letters, she turned the vicious Valentine over to the campus police, which added it to the “ongoing investigation” that so far has yielded nothing.

It gets much worse. I wonder if Dr. Altemeyer could find in this story of intimidation and death threats by liberals an example of Leftist “Right Wing Authoritarianism”?

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