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Anne Rice, Preterist

John on December 9, 2005 at 5:20 pm

A while ago I noted Anne Rice’s move toward Christian faith. I’m always a bit wary of celebrity conversions. Some times people display a kind of honest awe which is infectious, as was the case with Brian Welch. Nothing is as exciting to me as hearing someone who just decided Christ is Lord confess their excitement in a string of expletives. That genuineness is a beautiful thing.

But other times, celebrity converts seem to skip right over that part of the experience and go straight to the talking points. This generally makes me cringe. I wasn’t sure which way Anne Rice was going to go. But there’s a positive sign that she’s going the genuine route. She’s put aside the Left Behind theology and seems to be gravitating toward preterism. For those who don’t know what preterism — or more properly partial preterism– is, it’s a view of eschatology which says most of the prophecy in the Bible (including the first 19 chapters of John’s Apocalypse) have already happened.

This may strike you as insane if you’ve never heard of it, but the view is growing in popularity. Hank Hannegraff — the Bible Answer Man — has a novel out from this perspective. R.C. Sproul has also written a book defending it as the best explanation of both the Bible and history.

Now I’m definitely going to have to get Anne’s new book.

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