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Why Hasn’t Robert Reich Responded?

Morgen on October 15, 2009 at 11:27 am

Robert Reich does not strike me as the type of guy who is reluctant to take on his opponents. So now that our video of Reich has gone viral across the conservative blogosphere and talk radio, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on Fox, I find it a little surprising that Reich has not responded in some fashion. And perhaps he will. After all, as we made clear in our post and the video itself, these were comments from September 2007. So clearly he was not referring to the actual bills under consideration in Congress now.

Of course the problem for Reich is that the unspoken truths he so readily acknowledged back then have been the focus of conservative criticism for month (death panels, rationing, etc.) And without fail, not only have liberal proponents of reform denied there was any merit to these claims, but they have accused us of propagating lies and myths, and “fear-mongering”. Reich included. So perhaps Reich is finding it a little difficult to craft a plausible explanation, especially since in the clip he says clearly “this is what the truth is” before launching into his mock speech.

And perhaps he’s finding it all the more difficult because of his ongoing advocacy for reform. In fact, he’s released a new video just within the last few days on the “Urgency of Health Care Reform”. And there are some eery parallels – and stark contradictions – between what he has to say now, and his earlier comments from 2007. Watch:

YouTube Preview Image

Proponents of ObamaCare like to claim that the public is largely supportive of reform, in spite of the fact that public approval has been under 50% for some time now. And when called on this they attribute this back to the “misinformation” spread by opponents. But here’s the truth: the public by and large does not trust the words or intentions of any of the key Democrats pushing this initiative through. And Reich’s dissembling between his 2007 comments and now is a perfect illustration of why this is. Good intentions are not an acceptable substitute for honesty. And liars are ultimately not trusted.

This is what the truth is.

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