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Robert Greenwald’s Latest Smear Campaign

John on October 14, 2009 at 8:32 pm

Robert Greenwald is a far left filmmaker who was heavily involved in the 2008 election. I wrote a bit about one of his proud creations, the John-McCain-will-die-of-cancer scare video, here.

Now Greenwald has a new target in sight, Rush Limbaugh. As Lee Doren points out in this video, Greenwald has decided to target Rush as a racist using bogus quotes which have already been shown to be false.

YouTube Preview Image

Does the truth matter to Robert Greenwald? It appears his current standard of truth is this: It was published in a book, therefore I can use it. The fact that the book relied on open source wikiquotes as its source, well, that’s someone else’s problem.

Here’s hoping Greenwald receives a letter from Rush’s lawyer soon.

BTW, when the President talks about the sad tenor of political discourse, he never mentions his die hard supporter Robert Greenwald. Why is that?

[I stole this clip from Allahpundit's Quote of the Day post at Hot Air.]

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