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Western CPAC: Stay Tuned This Weekend

John on October 14, 2009 at 10:04 am

Western-CPAC-2009-Logo2This weekend, Morgen and I will be attending the Western Conservative Political Action Conference, known as Western CPAC for short. We were planning to attend anyway but after exchanging a few e-mails about the possibility of a blog hook-up we were invited to be full participants. We literally will have a seat at the table and even a chance to interview some of the attendees. It’s quite a roster:

  • Bruce Herschensohn
  • Governor Tim Pawlenty
  • Future Governor Meg Whitman (after 11 years I still have perfect feedback!)
  • Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (my representative in Congress)
  • Rep. Ed Royce
  • Barry Goldwater
  • John Ziegler (who I really hope to shake hands with)
  • John Eastman
  • John Fund and many more

But honestly, I’m probably most excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air and Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit will both be attending. Both Ed and Jim have been kind enough to link to us on a regular basis and (despite that :-]) we consider them two of the very best at what they do. Morgen and I were looking forward to saying hello to each of them, but thanks to WCPAC we’ll actually have a chance to participate with them on blog row. It’s an honor and undoubtedly will make this the highlight of the year for us.

Morgen will have his laptop on site, so look for both of us to file stories from the event starting Friday evening and all day Saturday. We’ll also likely be firing off tweets during the day, so check our feed: And if you haven’t followed us yet, maybe now’s the time.

Thanks again to Elizabeth Crum and the great folks at Western CPAC for making this opportunity happen.

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