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In Defense of Teen Hook-Ups

John on March 17, 2007 at 8:17 am

I swear this is not something from The Onion. You almost wouldn’t believe it possible for a major daily to carry something like this, but here it is courtesy of Lisa Pryor and the Sydney Morning Herald:

Why are so many teenagers living married lives? Making the bed together in the morning, celebrating anniversaries, joining the in-laws for Sunday lunch?


What irks me about the de facto de facto relationship is not the sex but the domesticity. Liberal parents who would never dream of advocating teen marriage are encouraging something very similar, with many of the same negative consequences. Kids can end up giving away their independence, saddled with a mate chosen because of proximity rather than suitability, stuck in domesticated monogamy at just the age they could be branching out, getting to know new people and playing the field.


So thank goodness for the “f— buddy” phenomenon. The idea of hooking up and having sex with friendship but without undue romance is horrifying to many parents. It is declaimed as soulless, calculated, immoral and shallow. But when executed thoughtfully and sparingly, could it be less damaging than the sexual morality so many parents are trying to impose?

Just as there is, rightfully, a demand for gay marriage, maybe there should be a movement in the other direction, too. Perhaps more of us should be living our lives like the gay men of old.

The connection between gay marriage and promiscuity is priceless. Hasn’t Stanley Kurtz been saying this would happen for about three or four years now.

Anyway, I’m guessing Lisa has no children. I’m hoping actually.

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