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“Black Jesus” Gets Beaten Down

John on March 16, 2007 at 6:50 pm

“Black Jesus” is the name given to a cannibalistic cult leader in Papua New Guinea. He is believed to have raped, killed and partially eaten three young women in the past year. Police made several attempts to capture him, but because he stayed to remote mountain villages he was always able to escape.

Not anymore:

Tari was eventually captured in a small village called Matepi, a seven-hour walk from the nearest road.

A church pastor, Paul Makura, said it had been difficult for the police to catch Tari as he never stayed for long in one place and was always warned when police were in the area.

Mr Makura said: “He came to Matepi village about two weeks ago and the community, alarmed at reports he had killed young women, convinced him to stay on. When he went to a hut to rest, a group of eight villagers, assured he was unarmed, broke in, pounced on him and tied him up.”

Messages were passed down through the villages until one man with a mobile phone was able to get a call in to police in Madang.

Heavily-armed officers made their way to Matepi and found Tari tied to a tree.


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