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Media Matters Eric Boehlert: Why Do Conservative Blogs Hate America?

John on October 9, 2009 at 5:03 pm

Remember when it was wrong to question the patriotism of the opposition? Eric Boehlert had this to say about such behavior back in 2007:

Fox news and talk radio and the conservative bloggers, I mean, they were bangin’ those drums very loud. And, everyone in the press could hear it. Not only was it just liberal bias, it was an anti-American bias, an unpatriotic bias and that these journalists were really not part of America.

Back then, apparently, conservative bloggers were questioning journalists patriotism and Boehlert didn’t like it much.

Today, Eric Boehlert turns the tide and asks “Why does the conservative media┬áhate America?” Notice: Not if they do, but why? That sounds a lot like the suggestion of an “unpatriotic bias.” Boehlert couldn’t be that much of a hypocrite could he?

As for the “wave” (that’s the word he chose) of “America bashing” which Boehlert contends is happening, he cites exactly two blog posts as proof. There’s this post at Hot Air and this one at Confederate Yankee. It’s a trend of exactly two points.

But, hey, why bother actually finding a few more examples when the ones you chose are so, well, potent. The Hot Air post in particular includes statement of disbelief from noted right-wingers George Stephanopolous, Ezra Klein and a couple of unnamed White House aides who were convinced they were being punked when they heard the news. Do they hate America too?

Of course the real reason for Boehlert’s phoned in smear is this. The DNC says jump and Eric Boehlert and Media Matters say “How high?”

Exit Question: Is there any real difference between this particular example of a transparently partisan hatchet job and the rest of Media Matters output?

Related: I missed this at Hot Air earlier. Looks like Sen. Boxer got the memo from the DNC as well.

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