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Did Nobel Center Telegraph Intent to Award Obama With Peace Prize?

Morgen on October 9, 2009 at 3:00 pm

Apparently the Nobel Peace Center started celebrating Obama’s impending victory a couple of weeks ago

From King to Obama

The exhibition From King to Obama opened at the Nobel Peace Center on 25 September. The exhibition will portray the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s – the movement that helped pave the way for Barack Obama’s historic election victory.Martin Luther King, Jr. was a central figure in the Civil Rights Movement and, like Barack Obama, a source of inspiration to people worldwide.

In 1964 King accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. This made him, at just 35 years old, the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The Civil Rights Movement’s slogan: “Thou shall not requite violence with violence”, was a central factor cited in the justification for the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s decision.”There are many obvious similarities between King and Obama, both in terms of their values, their political strategies and in their rhetoric and public impact. It has been inspiring and fascinating to create an exhibition of contemporary relevance that is based on these major historic events,” says Bente Erichsen, director of the Nobel Peace Center.

Rumor has it that a similar exhibit opening foretold the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 15 years ago – “From Hitler to Arafat“.

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