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Video: Robert Reich Reveals Obama’s Lies on Health Reform (Updated)

Morgen on October 8, 2009 at 1:16 am

Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor under Clinton and more recently an Obama economic adviser, has been all over the media lately shilling for ObamaCare. The public option is no more dangerous than a box of puppies according to this professionally produced video featuring Reich. (I won’t embed it but it’s worth a quick watch.) The real injustice, according to Reich, is that political operatives like us are trying to “confuse and scare” people about change.

So perhaps he can explain for us his comments in the video below. Reich is speaking at a Colloquium on Political Science at UC Berkeley on Sept. 26, 2007. No other set-up is necessary – watch:

YouTube Preview Image

And in case it wasn’t 100% clear from Reich’s intro in the clip – he was not joking. You can download and listen to the entire audio clip here . You’ll find that he makes some frank admissions on other topics as well, including global warming.

It’s also worth noting that when Reich gave this speech, all of the Democratic candidates had released their health reform plans. And it’s a topic that Reich is intimately familiar with, as an economist, and given his prior involvement in the Clinton health reform debacle.

And contrary to the platitudes and spin that you hear from Reich and other proponents of ObamaCare now, every point he made in this video represents an argument which conservatives have made against the bills in Congress:

  1. Will the individual mandate and “community rating” provisions result in young people paying substantially more for health insurance? Yes.
  2. Will the government inevitably have to restrict expensive medical treatments for people nearing the end of their lives? The President has all but admitted as much.
  3. Will the government’s hand in forcing cost-reduction commitments out of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries inevitably result in reduced investment and innovation (as Megan McArdle suggested it would)? It sure seems likely.

But like Reich says, these truths would only be admitted by an honest President. They can only be discerned by citizens able to separate “myth from reality”. But here’s the thing: it seems pretty clear to me that the American people are actually pretty good at separating fact from fiction. Anyone paying close enough attention, for example, figured out the real agenda of the public option a long time ago.

The problem for people like Reich – and the Administration – is that they are actually the ones peddling the propaganda. So we are thrilled to add Reich to the growing list of liberals who, in their more honest moments, have admitted what the agenda really is. Thank you Mr. Reich.

Update: Changed the headline from “Robert Reich: The President is Lying About Health Reform”. I still think this is a completely reasonable inference to draw based on the content of this clip. But given the jaw-dropping nature of Reich’s statements, in hindsight I decided that my original headline was a little more sensational than necessary. Hat tip to Pat Dollard for the revised headline.

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