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If You Have Kids, Read This

John on March 11, 2007 at 6:57 pm

Nothing horrifying. Quite the opposite, courtesy of the Daily News:

A daily dose of healthy fats can boost the brain development of children by three years in only three months, according to startling research.

Youngsters who took part in the study increased their reading age by an average of a year and a quarter during the three-month trial.

Scientists behind the study say they were astonished by the changes in the four participating children, who were aged between eight and 13.

Scans showed their brains developed three years in as many months as nerve fibres grew additional branches.

The average increase in the children’s reading age was a year and a quarter while their handwriting became more accurate and neater.

In one measurement of concentration, three children scored perfect results even though they are not top of the class at school.

They also dramatically improved their short-term memory.

One boy who previously scorned books and was hooked on TV developed a love of reading and declared he was “bored” with television.

However, the most striking finding emerged from the brain scans, which all suggested they had denser nerve fibres.

Professor Puri said: “The results were astonishing. It was as if these were the brains of children three years older.”

I’m going to be buying some this week for my two girls.

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