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Thursday Quick Hits

John on March 8, 2007 at 9:56 am

Odds and ends are all I have time for this morning, but there are some good things:

  • I wrote about these new coins here. Now it looks like a unknown number of them will become atheist collectibles. Everyone needs a hobby. [HT: Pearcey Report]
  • Captain America has been killed by a sniper! He had been speaking out for the habeus corpus rights of terrorists, or something.
  • And related to that previous link (I think) is this new international poll which shows the most hated countries in the world are 1) Israel 2) Iran and 3) the US. Exit question: How would results differ if this poll had been given only to Nazis?
  • Speaking of Nazis, their biological progeny are suing Norway because, after the war, Norwegians were mean to them. Lesson: Be nice to Nazi spawn.
  • Probably unrelated: You can relax, the lingerie elf has been convicted.
  • Speaking of sex, comedian Sarah Silverman just did a skit in which she has a one-night-stand with God. Personally, I’m more interested in Sex God than Sarah’s weak humor, but that’s the way a lot of atheists out there get through the day. They don’t feel good about themselves until they’ve done their level best to make a Christian feel bad. But like I said, everyone needs a hobby.

I’ll try to come up with something more substantive later.

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