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Benny Hinn Blocked from U.K. – Can We Block Him from the U.S., too?

Scott on October 6, 2009 at 8:23 am

A funny thing happened to Benny Hinn, miracle worker and snake oil salesman extraordinaire, on his way to the U.K. for one of his “fire and miracles” 3 day conferences.  Britain’s Border Agency wouldn’t allow him out of the airport after he landed his private jet.

According to Times Online:

Mr Hinn has visited before without any problem but the Home Office has changed the rules for ministers of religion. He fell foul of tier five of the new points-based system for all visitors to Britain, which came into effect last November. One of the aims of the new rules was to combat extremism and prevent teachers of religious hate entering the country.

Hmmm It appears that an added benefit of these new policies is that besides extremism and hate, the new rules keep out hucksters and faith-based money launderers.

I think Todd over at Monday Morning Insight said it best:

QUICK… can we make a law that would not allow him back into the states?

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