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ACORN Round-Up

John on October 5, 2009 at 8:16 am

The blog Ironic Surrealism points to this interesting article in the Oklahoman:

A Republican state legislator released documents Tuesday which he says show the community-organizing group ACORN focused on helping Democrats in three legislative races in the November 2008 election and had developed a game plan to “take power” in Oklahoma within five years.

The documents, which include legislative district maps and various forms, were recovered from computers abandoned by ACORN workers in Oklahoma City, said Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City. Also found was a script apparently used in Houston to go door-to-door to encourage voters to vote for Barack Obama in November 2008.

“They say they’re not political, but one of the subdirectories was called political action plans,” Reynolds said. “It was their political plans to take over key targeted races in Oklahoma City to show how powerful they are.”

Reynolds said computer files show who composed them. Jones [state GOP Chairman] said several show the files were created on a computer at state Democratic Party headquarters.

Meanwhile, Jim Hoft writing at Big has the scoop on another ACORN scandal:

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, a democrat, told Eric Shawn on FOX News that ACORN was hiring convicts still in prison -CONVICTED OF IDENTITY THEFT- for canvassing voters.

Ross said that by executing a search warrant at ACORN headquarters in Nevada the authorities were able to substantiate charges and have a very solid case against ACORN. They believe they can prove that it’s not just a few bad apples it went much higher up in the organization. Ross believes that ACORN and the regional director should be held accountable for the criminal activity that took place in the state.

Click over to Big Government for video of the exchange. On one hand this is shocking, on the other hand it does sort of explain why ACORN’s employees seem so relaxed about discussing crimes in their offices.

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