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Brian Flemming Stands Up for Pastor Williams – Verum Serum Dissed by Blogfather

John on March 1, 2007 at 1:48 pm

Brian Flemming, the guy behind the blasphemy challenge, has put up a post on his own blog responding to the removal of Pastor Willaims YouTube clip. Here’s what he has to say:

YouTube’s draconian action makes no sense. I can’t see anything in Pastor David’s video that warrants a removal from YouTube for inappropriate content or copyright infringement. I certainly wouldn’t dispute his right to use the images I happen to own, especially in the way he uses them. His work is a commentary, criticism and parody — three uses clearly protected under the fair use doctrine. And rightly so.

Well said. I agree with every word of it. Brian gets in some digs at Christianity (it’s his raison d’etre) but he’s also pretty gracious about the video and even admits to laughing about it himself. He ends by encouraging others to view it.

On one hand, maybe Brian is a genuinely gracious guy. On the other hand, this looks a lot like a savvy PR move on his part. I had about 1000 visitors to that post yesterday and I’m sure HotAir had a lot more to theirs referencing my post. While no one knows who actually pulled the clip, it certainly seems likely it was an atheist and possibly even a fan of the Rational Response Squad. In short, it was a dumb stunt that made Flemming’s disciples look like thugs. So I think there’s at least a bit of carefully measured self-interest in his post.

On a related topic, I dont’ think I’ve personally done anything to offend Glenn Reynolds. I’ve sent him stories 3 or 4 times, including this one yesterday. So I don’t get why this story starts and ends with Brian Flemming, literally appropos of nothing. I mean, come on — Brian was basically responding to my post (likely via Bryan at HotAir). And yes, I’ve got a little bit of “measured self interest” in the question, since a link from Instapundit is pretty much the summum bonum of the blogosphere. Am I on some sort of bad list? I definetely feel passed over…in a bad way.

Whatever crimes I’ve committed…I repent. Forgive, Glenn! Forgive!

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