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Mirecki Takes a Hit…Literally

John on December 6, 2005 at 10:20 am

Well, I said Mirecki would be back and here he is. Apparently a couple of thugs in a pickup truck were tailgaiting Professor Mirecki yesterday. Everyone pulled over and got out and then they two guys started hitting Mirecki. Police were called to interview him in the hospital. I have three things to say about this story.

1) Mirecki is now the most famous atheist in America. He has been beaten for the cause, making him a martyr. Expect to hear about this in the very next Maureen Dowd column. Expect to hear about it on the Jon Stewart show. Expect atheist websites who had no problem with him verbally abusing Christians and using his position as a bully pulpit to tell this story ad infinitum.

2) It’s hard for me to imagine that the guys who did this are college age Christians. I know a lot of Christians. I knew a lot of them in college. None of them would do this. None of them would think to do this. Honestly, I’m going to have to see it to believe it this time. Hopefully they catch the guys and we’ll find out who they are and what their motivation was.

3) If it turns out that the guys that did this are “Christians” I intend to contact their church, their pastor, their youth group leader…someone! I will get them to explain to me what the hell they’re teaching these idiots. This is absolutely unacceptable no matter who did it, but for someone who claims to be a believer to have done this is unacceptable x 10. I want to see these kids run through the system, but if they’re Christians I also want to see them publicly apologize to the entire nation, something I think atheists would also be happy to see.

So two idiots in a pickup have just turned Mirecki, who is still a creepy little man in my book, into a folk hero. Nice going, morons.

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