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Loose Change Gets Space for Rebuttal in the Guardian

John on February 13, 2007 at 12:23 am

The Guardian is a far left UK paper. The paper ran an article critical of the 9/11 conspiracy film “Loose Change” on Feb. 6th. Today they offered the producer of the film a chance to respond:

While we accept that there are flaws in the current version of the film, we stand by its overarching theme that the official “conspiracy” theory of 9/11, constructed in the hours, days, weeks and months after 9/11, is false.

Did you catch that little bit of rhetorical judo? The idea that 19 Islamic hijackers flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is now “the official conspiracy theory.” What’s really scary is that between a third and three quarters of Americans think he’s on to something.

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