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Cool New Movie Posters

John on February 12, 2007 at 11:36 am

I’ll get to the story in a moment, but first a little contextualizing background…

I’m a collector by nature. I’ve collected lots of things in my life but in the last 10 years my biggest collection is of movie posters. There was a period during the 90s when most of my spare time and money was spent scouring the country for posters. I have a lot less free time and money these days but I still have a fairly large collection of posters. The value of the posters I purchased 10 years ago has tripled and quadrupled in many cases, so aside from being a fun hobby it was a fairly decent investment.

I have about 400 posters in all, most are stored in flat files out in the garage, but my house is decorated with some of the nicer ones, primarily posters for 1950s science fiction films. I have a light box in my office that contains more recent posters (currently the Superman Returns one sheet). One of these days, I may put up a page about my collection on the blog.

All of that background to say, I’m have a longstanding appreciation for poster art. So I’m pretty excited about a new type of lenticular poster that has been developed by a Canadian company called XYZ RGB.¬† Lenticular movie posters have been around for a while. Here’s a brief description on Wikipedia – btw, I have 3 copies of the poster they’re using as an example. The most recent example of this type of poster is the Spiderman 3 poster now up in many multiplexes. These posters are somewhat expensive to create and are usually limited to showing two or at most 3 images.

The new technology is a huge step forward. It actually allows several seconds of video to be encoded onto a flat plastic panel. Here’s a gallery of examples created by the company. Click on the soccer player for the best example. Keep in mind, this is just a flat poster. Also notice the Terminator 2 poster they created to present to director James Cameron. They’re clearly hoping he’ll commit to using the process to create the posters for his next film. I can’t imagine he’d say no.

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