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The Daily Show’s Pre-Election Take on ACORN

Morgen on September 16, 2009 at 3:26 pm

A small cheer for Jon Stewart for running a hilarious bit on The Daily Show last night regarding the ongoing expose of ACORN by Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart’s Stewart’s riff is seriously funny – but I’m going to direct you over to Hot Air to watch it. Because what I want to post here is a pre-election bit that The Daily Show ran on ACORN…back, you know, when it actually may have mattered in terms of the Presidential election. From October 30, 2008 – watch:

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So apparently conservative accusations against ACORN are imminently mockable when the wrongdoing is something as petty as vote-rigging and election fraud. Abetting child prostitution and tax evasion, not so much. It’s nice to see Stewart and the editors at The Daily Show have some moral standards.

By the way, if you’ve been living in a cave (or the liberal media bubble) and aren’t familiar with the current ACORN scandal, please don’t pass Go and head straight over to And prepare to be amazed as you watch a couple of courageous Gen Y’ers as they single-handedly take ACORN down in a hidden-camera sting operation. Major, major kudos to them – and the whole gang over at Breitbart.

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