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Reports from Sundance

John on January 28, 2007 at 2:16 pm

David Swanson, associate pastor of Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois is blogging about his experiences at the Sundance film festival this year. He’s posted twice so far with more to come.

Here’s part one.

Here’s part two.

Sounds like there is a conference of sorts taking place at a nearby church. Craig Detweiller who teaches on Christianity and Culture at Fuller Seminary is leading it. I don’t know Craig but I’ve read his book and liked it very much. In fact, I’m working on a proposal (or rather I should be…) which has some similarities to Craig’s book.

This engagement with film and media is the sort of thing I think I might enjoy taking part in. Maybe next year I can bring a group from my church…

[HT: Think Christian - thanks Andy]

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