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On the Verge of a Nuclear Iran?

John on January 25, 2007 at 11:57 pm

Monday’s post about a North Korean step down on nukes doesn’t seem to be panning out. HotAir linked to a report that the Norks were in fact cooperating with Iran to help them build there own bomb. Several newspapers suggested that, if true, this could mean a nuclear Iran within 12 months time.

My guess is it’s much, much sooner. That suspicion is based on the possible agreement with the Norks plus four additional facts:

  1. This week Ahmadenejad kicked international inspectors out of Iran. This is obviously a provocative act. I don’t think Ahmedinejad would do this if a bomb were still a full year away. That allows too much time for international pressure to build.
  2. The US has just moved a carrier group into the Gulf.
  3. The Israeli PM has just reiterated that Iran will not be allowed to build a bomb.
  4. Finally, there is the squeaking-euro-weenie factor: Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency said yesterday that an attack on Iran would be catastrophic.

I don’t think any single piece proves that Iran is on the brink of a bomb. But the overall picture is certainly one of greatly increased concern over Iran.

There is another possible explanation for all this activity though. Last week, US troops raided an Iranian consulate office and capture five men including an Iranian Col. Along with the men they captured detailed information including the location of 40 tons of Iranian weapons that had been smuggled into Iraq. Also there was evidence that the Iranians had been recruiting people off the street to join Moqtada Sadr’s Medhi Army, paying them $1500 of, presumably, Iranian money and thereby stoking Sunni-Shia violence and general mayhem.

Allah at HotAir links to a new Washington Post story which claims, essentially, that the US is going on the offensive against Iranian insurgents in Iraq, Afghanistan and pretty much anywhere else they rear their heads. Is this a result of the consulate raid or of the bomb threat? Hard to say.

Either way, the Administration is clearly fed up with the holocaust denying liar running Iran. The US has specifically threatened to release detailed info on Iranian involvement with the insurgency, which would make a mockery of Ahmedinejad’s traveling BS show paraded before American media last year. Will 60 minutes do a follow up?

In related news, word in from the planet Uranus that Hans Blix has ruled out US military action. That’s good to know.

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