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More Trouble in France

John on January 25, 2007 at 2:28 pm

Last month I wrote about a Palestinian doctor who refused to treat an American patient. Today I have a follow up about a French doctor who got slapped around for treating a Muslim patient:

A French Muslim who attacked a male gynaecologist for examining his wife just after she had given birth, saying it was against Islam, has been jailed for six months by a Paris court.

Fouad ben Moussa burst into the delivery room at a Paris hospital last November and shoved, slapped and insulted Dr Jean-Francois Oury as he examined the woman after a complicated birth, the prosecution said in court on Wednesday.

Police had to intervene to remove him.

Hard to know who to root for in this one. The fact that the doc is French and surrendered passively to a beating somehow makes me feel he had it coming. Plus he complained that the hospital was “a secular place.” I get his meaning, but I’m not sold on the broad way in which he suggests ordinary moral concerns have no place in medicine. Au contraire!

On the other hand, the husband sounds like the type who thinks women should be veiled head to toe at all times. I sort of suspect the doctor won’t be the last to get beaten over this incident if you know what I mean. Probably the best you can say about the husband is that slapping the doctor around is a step up from honor killing.

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