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Eight Years On

John on September 11, 2009 at 9:10 am

I was living in California by 9-11-2001. Like most people I saw it happen on live TV.


Prior to May of 1997 I lived in Virginia my whole life. From ’92 on my wife and I lived about 10 minutes south of the Pentagon. For a period of time, when I was working in DC on 18th street, I would pass it daily as I took the 395 North past Crystal City and onto the 14th street bridge. You can see how close the freeway is to the building:


The side of the building that was hit is the one just clockwise of the big parking lot. 125 people were killed in that attack plus all 59 people on the plane.

The 4th plane was headed for DC as well, either the Capitol or the White House. If not for the brave people on United 93 there would likely have been many more killed that day.

9-11 Cross
Image taken from here.

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