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Gregory S. Paul’s Missionary Journey

John on December 1, 2005 at 2:01 pm

Last month Scott and I debunked a study by Gregory S. Paul which purported to show a correlation between religious faith and societal dysfunction.

Today I discovered that Mr. Paul has been busy promoting his “study” overseas. Radio Netherlands produced a program focused on Mr. Paul’s study and gives him plenty of time to promote its tendentious claims. Audio of the show is available here. There is also a partial transcript on the site which includes this quote from Mr. Paul:

I am a scientist, I am a researcher, I published in a peer reviewed academic journal, and it’s an excellent study and it tells us a lot of things we hadn’t known before.

One thing you can say for Mr. Paul, he has high self-esteem. In fact, as we noted in our thorough debunking, Mr. Paul had reached his conclusions several years before he wrote the study and his research is of the very lowest possible quality. At least two professional statisticians have publicly declared his work to be junk.

Mr. Paul promises during the interview that he is going to continue working in the same vein of “research”. Here at Verum Serum, we can only hope this is true. In fact, we beg Mr. Paul to produce dozens more studies like this one. The patina of science with which he disguises his anti-Christian propaganda is exceedingly easy to scrape away, leaving both the man and his cause discredited in the process.

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