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Texas Medical Center Docs Reject the Public Option

John on September 7, 2009 at 11:49 pm

It made the news a few weeks ago when the Mayo Clinic wrote a pithy online rejection of the House health reform effort.

Something similar happened last week when Rep. Michael McCaul, Rep. Kevin Brady and Rep. Pete Olson — three Republican Congressman from Texas — visited the Texas Medical Center to speak with doctors there about health reform policy. As you can see in this clip of Rep. McCaul, the doctors they spoke with are not fans of the public option:

YouTube Preview Image

Why is this important? Because the Texas Medical Center is not a minor operation. It’s actually the largest medical center in the world, comprising 13 hospitals and two medical schools (plus nursing centers, dental schools, etc.) spread over an area the size of downtown Chicago. The center’s 72K employees service just over five million patients a year. If anyone can see the big picture, the folks at the Texas Medical Center probably can.

Texas Medical Center

Given its size, I have no doubt there are many individual doctors there who support ObamaCare. Nevertheless, there seems to be a significant contingent of doctors and administrators who see the public option not as harmless or just one more choice but as poison that could kill the system.

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