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Carl Pope: Winner of the RACY

John on September 7, 2009 at 9:08 am

I think we need an award for the most convoluted attempt to interject a ‘Republicans are racist’ smear into a current news story. Because let’s face it, in the age of Obama, we’re getting hit with new ones every week. Some of them are pretty bland, but other are the rhetorical equivalent of a back dive with a full twist into the warm waters of moral superiority. Effort like that deserves recognition.

Case in point. Writing at Huff Post, Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club tries to defend Van Jones after the fact. He has this to say about the Van Jones “crack-head” video:

Calling Bush a “crack-head” is seen by a large part of America as worse than calling him “addict-in-chief” because crack is not just a drug — it is a drug used largely by black people. It reminds those Americans who are still uncomfortable with Barack Obama that we have a black president.

Got it? Americans are offended that Van Jones called President Bush a crackhead because it reminds them President Obama is black. You in the pointy hats…ponder its genius.

Sure it would be easier to accuse Republicans of hating Van Jones because he’s black. There’s a whole shortest-distance-between-two-klansman-is-a-straight-line problem with Carl’s theory. But ultimately you have to remember that to the left race-baiting isn’t math, it’s art. And it’s the flips and twists that make this such a special bit of work.

So I hereby award the very first RACY to Carl Pope for outstanding achievements in the field of leftist race baiting for the month of September 2009.  Congratulations, Carl. Your trophy is in the mail.

[HT: Read this on Hot Air headlines]

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