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Political Mutilation: MoveOn vs. the Taliban

John on September 3, 2009 at 3:47 pm

From CNN about 10 days ago:

Making good on a threat of election day violence, the Taliban sliced off the index fingers of at least two people in Kandahar province, according to a vote monitoring group.

After they cast their ballots, the fingers of Afghan voters are stained with ink to prevent them from voting multiple times. The fingers of the two women in Kandahar, a stronghold of the Taliban, were cut off because they voted, said Nader Naderi of the Free and Fair Election Foundation.

And from today:

Rice was part of a small group of counter-protesters who showed up to a MoveOn-sponsored “We Can’t Afford to Wait” vigil. The two groups were on opposite sides of the street. At one point, a man from the MoveOn side of the street crossed over to confront Obama critics. Rice got in an altercation with the man, who bit off his pinky finger in the scuffle, down to the second knuckle, Rice said.

On the plus side, it should only take a few more maimings before the MSM realizes their conservative/astroturf/mob narrative was bogus from the start.

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