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Columbine Plot Prevented in UK

John on September 2, 2009 at 10:32 am

From the Mirror:

Two Greater Manchester teenagers plotted a Columbine-style massacre to murder teachers and pupils at their school before killing themselves, Manchester Crown Court has heard.

The jury was told that Matthew Swift, 18, and his friend, Ross McKnight, 16, both from Denton, planned to bomb a shopping centre and then go on a killing spree at Audenshaw High School.

As is de rigeur in these cases, the boys were big fans of Harris and Klebold:

Like in McKnight’s diary, Swift talked of his unhappiness and railed against life in general, Mr Wright said.

“F*** the system or the system will f*** you,” Swift wrote.

The plans were becoming reality, Mr Wright said, and the plan was to take lives, carried out by “two young disillusioned and disaffected young men”.

Another entry by Swift in the pad read: “Audenshaw High will be no more because unlike Columbine my pipe bombs will actually f****** explode and I will walk from class room to class room killing the f*** out of everybody, then maybe people will learn.”

An entry on November 5 talked about celebrating the plot of a “mastermind” – and hiding fireworks.

Further entries included: “Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold will rise again.”

The article doesn’t delve into the boys’ reasoning, though it does mention a connection to another school shooter:

There is also a photo of a student, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, aged 18, at a high school in Finland, wearing a T-shirt with the words “Humanity is over”.

He went on to shoot eight people dead and wound 12 others at the school in November 2007.

Swift’s diary entry followed: “Today something amazingly ironic happened, a shooting at a school in Finland. He killed eight people.

“It is funny how much his reason echoes ours. He did it because of society, because of humanity, this is why we have to proceed with and complete Project Rainbow.”

He sounds a bit like Eric Harris when he writes:

“I am supreme, superior and I will expose the truth. I will die for what I believe.

“I will complete Project Rainbow, I will show no mercy… I will make history.”

No doubt more of this material will leak out eventually.

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