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ElBaradei Still Protecting Iran’s Nuke Program

John on August 31, 2009 at 10:07 am

The man who said he was not naive continues to play the fool:

Israel wants the International Atomic Energy Agency to release a classified report on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons experiments, government officials said Sunday, following Friday’s release of an IAEA report that was welcomed by Teheran as “positive.”

Although the report said that Iran was stonewalling about “possible military dimensions” to its nuclear program, the report was far less critical of it than Israel would have liked.

According to government officials, the IAEA has another document that is a summary of everything the agency knows about Iran’s nuclear program, but which has remained classified.


The current head of the IAEA, Mohammed ElBaradei, did not agree to release the document, and the decision to do so will now go to his successor, Japan’s Yukiya Amano, due to take office on December 1.

The Associated Press reported some 10 days ago on the existence of a secret IAEA summary of Iran’s alleged weapons experiments, based on agency investigations and US and other intelligence reports.

AP quoted senior Western diplomats as saying the information concerned allegations that Iran had actively pursued research into developing nuclear warheads.

ElBaradei, according to the AP report, has opposed the document’s publication out of the fear that this would make Iran even more intransigent and less likely to cooperate with the IAEA, and push the US or Israel closer to a possible military strike on Teheran’s nuclear facilities.

Once again, the IAEA’s chief jackass is aiding and abetting the Iranian mullahs, giving them precious time to develop warheads as he shields their activity from the eyes of the rest of the world.

At what point did political considerations become part of ElBaradei’s purview? His job is to get information on nuclear programs and report it. That’s all. Now he is actually preventing a report from going public out of concern for political repercussions.

And yet, as I pointed out here, ElBaradei continues to blame Bush for the coming Iranian nukes. Make no mistake. ElBaradei knows the Iranians want the bomb. And to this day, he has done everything in his power to ensure they will.

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