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WordPress Ideas

John on January 10, 2007 at 10:57 am

Non bloggers will probably be better off skipping this post, but if you’re a blogger who uses WordPress, you need to get over to the WP Ideas page. They’re planning to release version 2.1 of the software in just over a week. And because they never get enough work (I guess) they’re already taking suggestions for version 2.2. They’ve promised the top vote getters will be incorporated.

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who created and works on WordPress. It’s a beautiful thing. I also love that you guys are trying to work directly with users on making it even better. So I’ve made some suggestions which I think would be good ones:

  • Video from the Write screen – Unfortunately, someone shot this idea down almost as soon as I posted it. Inclusion of Google and You Tube video currently relies on plugins which can be buggy and inconsistent. These should be part of the core. Video is as basic as photos in today’s blogging environment.
  • Write a comment from the Write screen – Currently WP allows you to write posts and pages using a fairly nice WYSIWYG editor. However if you (the admin) want to write a comment you’re stuck using the little comment box just like everyone else. Now at VS I’ve tried to make the comment box better by adding quicktags, preview and making it larger than most sites. Still, why shouldn’t the editor be able to use the full WYSIWYG editor and all its nice features. This one is getting shot down currently, which is too bad.
  • Tweak the photo handling – Currently after you upload a photo you can choose to use the full version or a thumbnail. If you use the thumbnail it’s a standard thumb size. If you use the full version…it’s still thumnail size! You have to stretch out each picture to actual size by hand. Why? Why can’t WP just add the photo at actual size? I’ve already sized it in Photoshop once, I don’t want to have to size it again. It’s a minor pain, but a pain nonetheless.
  • Tiny MCE plugins – WordPress incorporates a WYSIWYG editor called Tiny MCE. It’s actually a stripped down version of Tiny, but still powerful. Tiny MCE offers all sorts of plugins on its site. It would be great if we could benefit from these. How about a Tiny MCE plugin page so WP users can add functions to the editor at will.
  • Expanded Search – Somebody beat me to this one but I added some specifics. How about a Search section under the Options page that allows us to select Posts, Pages and Comments. That way the admin can determine what users can search. And, hey, if we could add Google or Yahoo as an option that would be tre’ cool.
  • Make Related Posts default funtionality – So far this and the expanded search idea are the ones I made that are getting some love from other bloggers at the WP site. I use a plugin to add related posts to the site. Seems this should be a default option in some future version. It’s just pretty basic to good blogging. It’s a simple way for older posts to have a bit more shelf life.

I think that’s all I’ve suggested. Once again, if you use WordPress now is the time to get over there and contribute to the development. They’ve made it really easy and having everyone vote seems like a smart way to satisfy the most people.

Thanks again to WP developers for all their great work.

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