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Rangel Must Go

John on August 30, 2009 at 9:37 am

From the same man who brought us the imminent return of the draft during the 2004 election, comes this:

Rep. Charles Rangel failed to report as much as $1.3 million in outside income — including up to $1 million for a Harlem building sale — on financial-disclosure forms he filed between 2002 and 2006, according to newly amended records.

The documents also show the embattled chairman of the Ways and Means Committee — who is being probed by the House Ethics Committee — failed to reveal a staggering $3 million in various business transactions over the same period.

This week, Rangel filed drastically revised financial-disclosure forms reflecting new, higher amounts of outside income and numerous additional business deals that had not been reported when the reports were originally filed.

There’s no way a man with this much difficulty keeping track of his own wealth should have any position on the House Ways and Means Committee, much less the chairmanship. Of course you’d be a fool to think he really forgot. He simply lied as Charlie is wont to do. Will the Dems in the House call him on it? Or, like the Bill Richardson investigation, will this vanish off the radar screen?

Probably the latter. One thing the Dems don’t get hung up on with their own party is ethical behavior. That doesn’t mean the rest of the nation needs to put up with this though. If Dem leaders won’t take action in the House, the American people will have to do so in a more dramatic way in 2010. One way or another, Rangel must go.

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