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Meet the New Slice…

John on January 9, 2007 at 8:31 pm

My apologies if someone else used that headline. It sounded familiar but I went with it anyway.

Last week, Slice of Laodicea disappeared. On Monday, Ingrid and her spiritual Scooby gang launched their new site Christian Research Net.

As predicted, the new site does not allow comments. Also as predicted, Ken Silva and Steve Camp are still in the lineup along with Ingrid and Chris P. There was one surprise though. Posts on the site are now uncredited to any particular author. How weird is that for a group blog?

Chris Rosenburg (is he new?) actually added his name to the bottom of one of his posts, but the rest are simply there. I guess the idea is that when you read something irresponsible or outrageous, you won’t know who to blame. Of course you can still tell that Ken is the one sending readers over to Apprising Ministries for the latest missive, only now he has to refer to himself in the third person. That’s just silly guys.

So, to sum up, the new Slice has:

  • The same contributors (plus Chris R. and Dwanya Litz…?)
  • The same outlook
  • The same mission statement

On the other hand differences include:

  • A new, generic name
  • A bland (bordering on unattractive) new design (the previous design by Tim Challies was nice)
  • A complete lack of accountability (no comments or attribution of posts)

Well, that’s certainly a good plan.

Update: Former Slice contributor Jim Bublitz gets in a few Parthian shots on the critics and suggests Slice was a fairytale with Ingrid as Frodo (I’m sort of serious, go look).

Chris at Sliced Laodicea has some thoughts and also asks for suggestions for a new domain name for his site. Well, the new Slice is called Christian Research Net and given how they talk about other believers how about Christian Besmirch Net. ( is available)

Also talking about this: Monday Morning Insight.

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