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Quick Hits Sunday Edition

John on January 7, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Quite a bit of news for a Sunday afternoon:

  1. Port of Miami closed following the search of a truck driven by an Iraqi man. He seemed suspicious and tried to enter without a day pass. Two other men were hidden in the truck’s sleeper compartment.
  2. NY Times finally issues a correction for their bogus abortion story. Of course they are still suggesting that maybe they weren’t actually wrong. Whatever…
  3. A solution to the HD-DVD format war? It’s possible. Of course it won’t help so long as Sony refuses to let the companies it controls release films in any format other than Blu-Ray.
  4. Mocking the French is always fun. A Parisian tourism committee has created a new “self-mocking” ad campaign to increase tourism from England. This one is pretty good (it took me a couple seconds to get it). I also like this “Cop the Parisian Attitude” page. [HT: Magic Statistics]

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