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This One’s for Mark Morford

John on August 26, 2009 at 9:48 am

Back in April, Mark Morford — the Ann Coulter of the San Francisco left who famously described Obama as a “lightworker” (whatever the hell that is) — wrote a sneering column about the new 2010 Camaro. He described it as a “sexy macho bloated Hot Wheels fantasia dreamgasm of a car-like drunken child’s funbot crayon sketch.” The guy’s a loon, but you have to give him props for a sentence like that.

In reality, the new Camaro is a pretty amazing bit of engineering. The motor and transmission are the top option available in the Cadillac CTS. It produces 304 HP (that’s flywheel of course) and still manages to get 29mpg on the freeway, the same as the Hyundai Sonata I’m selling to pay the taxes.

Anyway, yesterday I picked up the “Hot Wheels fantasia dreamgasm” I ordered back in April and man is it fantastic. I’ve only driven it a few miles, but my greatest concern so far is that some driver craning his neck to check it out is going to cause an accident. I haven’t jumped on it too hard, but the pickup is very nice.

And it turns out the timing on my car’s arrival was perfect. Thanks to another Camaro lover, I’ll be picking up some free pizza for dinner tonight:

Papa John’s planned to offer all Camaro owners a free pizza at stores on Wednesday.

The only thing better than a great new car is a great new car with free pizza. Actually, there is one thing even better than that and it’s being able to do this…


Eat my shorts, Morford!

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